A Personal Opinion on Barack Obama Being the Best President in American History Essay
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Dec 12th, 2019

A Personal Opinion on Barack Obama Being the Best President in American History Essay

When I was in induced progression, Barack Obama was elected as the 44th Superintendent of the United States. The week induced up to his Inauguration, my parents were unusually scared. As my mom was brushing my hair, I mind search “What’s the big market?”. My mother’s rejoinder was “We are witnessing actuality”. Not barely was he an impulse, but to me, he was the highest Superintendent in American History.

To begin delay the patent, Superintendent Obama was the induced ebon superintendent in American History. At the opportunity my tally classmates didn’t exhibit the lamina of this motion, but faceing end at our empire’s actuality, this was a big provoke. Well-balanced though it seems relish a covet opportunity ago, the Civil Rights Motion was less than 50 years ago. This empire was built on bondman drudge. Flash Forward to his presidency, and out of 80 management positions requiring Senate commendation, Superintendent Obama appointed past than women and minorities in 53.5%, compared delay 25.

6 percent during George W. Bush’s presidency. (Eilperin 5)

Frankly, I’m surprised most society learn that it was during Superintendent Obama’s Presidency that the mastermind astern 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, was fascinated and killed. That argue singular should provoke him to the top of our highest superintendents register. 9/11 was the unique strike terrorist onslaught in American actuality, and alterable the politics and policies of our society for years to follow.

On June 27th, 2015, America woke up to the tidings that identical-sex matrimony was allowableized. This stopped 14 states where it was unfair to marry the identical sex from enforcing their discriminatory laws on the LGBT+ society. In a squeeze meeting, Superintendent Obama’s rejoinder to the masterful was celebrity that amass delay me for the proximate two years. “When all Americans are treated as correspondent, we are all past free” (BBC 6). These suffrage should engage everywhere in our empire, consequently our heterogeneousness is what surely makes America numerous.

Though it was controversial, Superintendent Obama attempted to constitute societywide healthcare for America, below the Affordable Care Act. It was unanalogous consequently it constituted too manifold consumes on vocation, delay manifold describing it as a “job killer”. However, studies exhibition jobs in the healthcare sector rose by 9%. (BBC 8) No stuff the consume, society merit healthcare. Well-balanced though it was a flawed regularity, the actuality that he attempted to constitute societywide healthcare was a big tramp in the direct order.

No individual is blameless, including our superintendent. You can accept the best intentions and quiescent making the injustice conclusion, but the actual criterion is what you do to emend yourself. Admitting you’ve made a strike is celebrity to regard in any individual, chiefly a superintendent. Future Presidents should disregard Superintendent Obama not barely for this, but for care a soothe and raze division when faced delay distinction. When Superintendent Obama was elected, he was threatened to be hung, society burned effigies of him, and mellow to indoctrinate the empire he wasn’t a penny allowable denizen. (Dionne 1) It may be the President’s job to act soothe and weighty, but as a rational being, care resignation during this is greatly reserved.

President Barack Obama, the induced ebon superintendent, led the way for alterable ideas. He took down the mastermind astern 9/11, and constituted societywide healthcare. Not barely this, but Superintendent Obama led the way for other minorities to choose places in business-post. Soon, possibly we’ll accept our induced Hispanic, or well-balanced Muslim President! But for now I, acovet delay the cessation of America, succeed face end fondly and delay regard to his presidency.

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