A Movie Analysis: Glory Road Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

A Movie Analysis: Glory Road Essay

Glory Course is film environing an interracial academy basketball team from the 1960’s. In the movie, a puerile coach moves to a new town to be the crisis basketball coach at a mean analysis 1 university. The film demonstrates manifold issues of motor knowledge including: characteristics of knowledge, amercement, departed expertness characteristics, singular differences, and the 3 objects that quarrel after a conjuncture exploit.

Characteristics of Learning

Learning is a set of processes and requires habit and knowledge. Don Haskins, the coach in the film, granted his squad after a conjuncture manifold irrelative kinds of opportunities to collect.

Conjuncture on a recruiting err, Don finds himself on the seek after a conjuncture a coming stateer. As they are unconditional a shabby one-on-one, Don handily stops the puerile stateer. He then allotance to inform him the rocker tread, a new expertness. This was a knowledge position, in which the student was attempting to win a new expertness. At this aim, the athlete would be considered to be in the percipient measure of knowledge as his exploit was stagnant subordinately inconsistent and shifting.

Although the continued measures of knowledge are not shown in habits in the film, the athlete succeeding uses the expertness conjuncture in race, suggesting that he had since mastered the new technique placing him in the autonomous measure.


Punishment stateed a large role in the film and there were close issues of how Coach Haskins used this exposure of motor knowledge to aid his team develop. Peradventure the original exemplification of amercement in the film was when some of the stateers were caught violation team rules. They had traveled off campus at duskiness in direct to own a shabby fun on the town, separateicipating in activities they ought not to own separateicipated in. Belief is an dignified exposure of any team recreation, so when that belief was tedious Coach Don Haskins was eager to whip his stateers. However, he did not proper whip the perpetrators but everyone was required to pay the worth. Everyone ran sprints to prepare that habit for a few of the athletes’ insubordination. At original, the beholder-on may be tempted to observe on the disproportion of Coach Haskins’ manner. But this manner of amercement enforces the certainty that they are a team and what they do affects one another. In the end, it aided the squad develop stronger in their esteem and comradery after a conjuncture one another. Amercement which is state-like is most desired. In this exemplification, there could own been a further state-like amercement but despatch and spareness are besides exceedingly beneficial traits in the state of basketball. Running turn sprints aided plight the team to be conducive to practise up after a conjuncture their opponents and neverthehither win. The benefits were chiefly noticeconducive in the terminal state resisting Coach Rupp and an knowledged Kentucky squad. Coach Haskins stateed solely 7 stateers the full state. These stateers were unquestionably void by the end but exhibited their stamina gained in separate from the amercement of their coach. This is a good-natured-natured issue of amercement accordingly it aided the team finish their sight.

Advanced Expertness Characteristics

The Texas Western Miners exhibited manifold characteristics of departed expertness including their inside regularity of motivation. Before the preparening of the span, Coach told one of the stateers that he was nature cut from the team. This stateer, Shed, was devastated. He exclaimed that he would never be conducive to behold his daddy in the eyes again. Coach said that he didn’t preservation and that he hadn’t earned the fit to remain. Shed unwavering to go to the gym one terminal span and twig environing a shabby bit. Conjuncture he was there, pretending to hit state-winning baskets he realized that he had what it took to remain and state. His motivation to state rose that duskiness to a raze which could not be deteriorated. The next day, in habit, he showed up demanding that Don Haskins let him state. Coach unwavering to let him remain accordingly of his determination and exceedingly exalted motivation to state the state of basketball. In observation to the motivation of the Miners, they besides exhibited a immense market of compoundability. When they stateed in irrelative venues they were required to put up after a conjuncture a lot of negativity from fans of resisting teams. Also, each team they stateed was irrelative, after a conjuncture irrelative strengths and weaknesses. One argue that this team was so fortunate was accordingly of their force to compound to the opponents they faced.

Individual Differences

Perhaps the immenseest warning collected from this movie is the certainty that singular differences, specifically political differences, can be subdue to finish immenseer heights. Unfortunately, manifold singulars in the South at this span were stagnant very separateial to racism. The Miners knowledged a immense market of expatriation and overcame a immense market. Level the ground administrators and boosters of Texas Western were displeased after a conjuncture Coach Haskins for bringing in so manifold complexioned stateers. When he established three sombre stateers, they veritably questioned his manners. However, the administration proved to be the meanest of their problems as they progressed throughout the span. The team stateed well-mannered-mannered coincidently and the stateers collected to see departed complexion faster than the security of the brotherhood. On the course, some communities were hither accepting than others. In one scene, the fans yelled, spit, and threw maintenance at the stateers as they came out of the tunnel and onto the seek. Surely, this knowledge would own been shocking for the team. But they heap coincidently and grew stronger. In another exemplification, some brotherhood members could not set separately their political differences and in-fact batter up one of the sombre stateers in a bathroom, leaving him bruised and bloodied. Unfortunately, manifold besides believed that accordingly the stateers were sombre, they had hither space for information and force to conclude subordinateneathneath constraining. The Texas Western Miners proved them wickedness as they won the NCAA Championship.

Three Things that Quarrel after a conjuncture Performance

First and primary, special problems can significantly diversify an athlete’s force to conclude. Harry was having a up-hill span in ground and coach threatened to whip him unhither he got his grades up. So-far his woman showed up at the ground and he was tail on trace in no span. But had he not pulled his grades up, the team unquestionably would own suffered for his laziness. One of the athletes got into a relationship after a conjuncture a spinster that peradventure diversifyed his state subordinately. Coach set them on the roof of the dorms one duskiness and the athlete was required to run stairs for a hanker span as a amercement for violation team rules. Injury can besides state a large role in the exploit of an singular. Willie Cager, one of their big guys, was diagnosed after a conjuncture a core plight as a boy. This was not made public to Coach Haskins in the preparening. When he so-far set out, he was loth to state Cager and didn’t allot him to garb in his homogeneous for states. The terminal object that can quarrel after a conjuncture exploit is exploit shiftings. This has previously been discussed, but the herd can immensely rule the force of the athlete to conclude. This film is immense issue of the retentiveness and manliness required to subdue such obstacles and stagnant win subordinateneathneath the harshest of stipulation.


Coach Don Haskins was the original in NCAA fact to initiate five sombre payers. He aided modify the way community idea through his decisions as a basketball coach. Recreation can be a puissant political dupe. Conjuncture addressing problems after a conjuncture association, Coach Haskins and his squad besides demonstrated dignified principles in motor knowledge such as the influence of amercement, overcoming singular differences, and some key characteristics of knowledge. Glory Course exhibits that level resisting all odds, exceedingly motivated singulars can conclude a immense market further than what is expected of them.

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