A List of Good Topics for a Persuasive Essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

A List of Good Topics for a Persuasive Essay

When writing a persuasive essay, you need to take a position either against or for a particular topic and sound convincing when persuading readers to believe you or do something. Basically, you need to use enough logic and reasons to prove that your idea is better than counterarguments. The basic goal of your 500 word essay is to persuade the targeted audience to adopt your point of view and take certain actions. It’s necessary to use enough evidence, including logical reasons, examples, quotes, stats, facts, and other tools necessary to achieve this goal. Keep in mind that any persuasive essay must use certain reasons to demonstrate that their ideas are more credible than others. There are many good topics for a persuasive essay to choose from, but you need to pick something really impressive and unique for readers. If this task seems hard to you, don’t hesitate to use the quality and affordable services of freelance writers who are easy to find online.

  • Gender roles. Do you agree that men shouldn’t open a door to women to avoid hurting their feelings?
  • Male pregnancy. Is it necessary to sponsor any further research?
  • Plastic surgeries. Should celebrities be prohibited to undergo them?
  • Abstinence programs. Are they really effective in schools?
  • Civil unions. Should they have the same rights as married people when living together for longer than three years?
  • Do you think that they are more friendly compared to non-smokers?
  • Is it the most effective strategy to cope with regular stress?
  • Campus life. Do all freshmen need to live in dormitories to get a better idea of what a real college life is? Use all available case study examples to come up with a good academic paper.
  • Social networks. Why do students add their professors as friends on different social networks?
  • Extracurricular activities? Should they be obligatory for all students?
  • Junk food. Do you agree that eating fast food is worse than skipping a meal?
  • Can bullies stimulate the self-development of other students?
  • Can formal dress codes improve employees’ efficiency and performance?
  • Is poor leadership the main reason for bankruptcy?
  • Should it be made a new international language? Why?
  • Do inter-governmental unions cause more harm than good? It can be a good topic for a persuasive essay, so you should take it into consideration.
  • Should lie detectors be used by all HR managers for employees and job seekers?
  • Proper management. Is delegating responsibilities the main key to efficient management?
  • Marketing strategies. Should the advertising of dangerous goods, including cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, be banned?
  • Do people need to change its entire system?

The Easiest Topic Ideas for Your Essay

  • Are single-sex schools really good for kids and their education?
  • Video games. Should their sale be banned if they are violent?
  • Should all bullies be legally responsible for their actions? It’s another good topic for a persuasive essay.
  • Is it a good tool for high school and college students?
  • Should they support political parties?
  • Do they belong to the past?
  • Should their promotion be outlawed?
  • Music censorship. Do you believe that the music lyrics that glorify criminal lifestyles must be censored?
  • Should those patients who are diagnosed with this ailment be force fed?
  • Religious cartoons. Do you agree that all offensive religious jokes, articles, and cartoons in newspapers should be forbidden? You can use this topic when it comes to your writing a compare and contrast essay
  • Media sources. Do people need to restrict them from reporting violent crimes?
  • Should sexy ads be banned?
  • Should all mothers be obliged to stay home to take care of their kids?
  • A global language. Does this world really need it?
  • Do all parents need to attend special classes?
  • Healthcare decisions. Should they be made only by medical experts if they are very important?
  • Do you think that atheists miss many interesting opportunities to enjoy their lives? Look for narrative essays and persuasive papers that discuss the same topic.
  • Are they murders that just cannot be justified?
  • Do they need to be screened for possible heritable diseases?

Fresh Suggestions for Your Persuasive Paper

  • Campus life. Do you agree that hate speeches must be banned?
  • Do all children born in a state need to receive its citizenship automatically?
  • Political parties. Should they engage young people?
  • Is it a thing that belongs to the past?
  • Do you believe that they must have their right to vote?
  • Working hours. Should their amount be reduced to twenty five? Why? Use effective tools, including book reviews, to support your opinion.
  • Should they start receiving a salary for the work they do?
  • Corporal punishments. Do they cause more harm than good?
  • Should sperm donors keep their anonymity?
  • Should they be allowed to own guns for protection?
  • Do you think that jargon is just a result of language evolution?
  • Should arranged Muslim marriages be banned?
  • Should they start a bit later? Why?
  • Do they need to cancel excess weight fees?
  • College education. Are the searches of students’ lockers helpful?

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