A few facts from a world war one essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

A few facts from a world war one essay

You’ve just taken a history class as you’re sincerely interested in the subject. Now you have to deal with a world war one essay. Let’s try to figure out what you could write in this assignment.

Like many other wars of the past, this one can be portrayed in a variety of ways. Some people call it a heroic period in the history of some European nations, others associate it with a senseless bloodshed. There are even people, who think that wars boost the overall development of our human civilization. Do you think so? Give an answer in your world war one essay.

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A few facts from a world war one essay
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re about to illustrate the Civil War, WW2, WWI, Iraq or Vietnam War, you’ll definitely require to first decide on the topic and then pick up a good method of approach to use writing your world war one essay. it’s up to the approach chosen by you to determine both the structure of your world war one essay. it also dictates which facts needs to be included.

Let’s cycle through approaches to world war one essay writing:

  • Cause and effect: That’s most likely one of the most widespread methods for writing a world war one essay. The given type of essay normally includes potential causes of the war conflict as well as effects it might have had on things such as scientific progress, industrial development, international relations, to say nothing of domestic economy.
  • Informative: In this essay, you’re simply expected to provide information about the war. You should also mention the topic you’ve just pick up. That’s probably the easiest type of world war one essay to write. Just try not to bore your readers with unnecessary facts.
  • Comparative: this approach to writing a world war two essay suggests choosing one or several components of the war conflict and comparing them to one another.
  • Argumentative: Let’s assume, you’re convinced WWI was senseless. So, it’s up to you to state your major point clearly and give persuasive arguments for or against.
  • DBQ (Document Based Question): The given format suggests that you’ll be given a document or any other visual source about the war and you’ll require analyzing it in accordance with what you already know about the war conflict.
  • Persuasive: The major purpose of writing this type of world war one essay is to persuade readers to agree or disagree with your point of view. When writing a persuasive essay on this controversial subject, you may try eight to persuade your audience to change their point of view or to call them to real actions. For instance, you can call on them to commemorate the victims of that war. When using this method, you should include strong facts to support your key point and keep your readers engaged.

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Sure, you’re looking for an easy solution for your war essay. To make it really intriguing, write about these things:

War tactics and strategies: Military plans or a detailed description of the entire campaign could be a winning topic for a war essay.

Scientific innovations and weapons: Technical innovations often have a powerful impact on any war conflict. For instance, the first tanks caused panic in enemy troops during the World War I.

Diplomacy: Depending on the writing approach, a description of secret treaties or conferences could be very useful to support your main point.

Propaganda: it would be a good thing to compare patriotic propaganda of both sides. Illustrates how opponents described their enemies and what posters they used for this purpose.

Causes of war: As usual, each side in a war conflict doesn’t want any form of confrontation, at least at the initial stage. Nevertheless, it’s possible to trace real causes of it. If you’re attentive enough, you’ll most likely notice a series of events leading up to this dangerous situation.

Role of women in war: Certainly, you can’t overlook the role of representatives. In different wars, women acted like soldiers or worked hard in military industries. Illustrate how they impacted this particular war conflict.

Treatment of prisoners of war: Writing about this topic will require substantial research. It makes sense to look through diaries of that time or specialized articles.


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