A Bridge to Wisemans Cove Essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

A Bridge to Wisemans Cove Essay

These scenes are significant, as they are needed for the story to progress into what happens in the end. It is important that Harley and Carl leave because everything happens in Wiseman’s Cove, everything that is good and bad. It is also important that they stop by the Missing Persons Bureau because it explains why Kerry (mother of Carl and Harley) never came back and also explains the mysterious person in the prelude.

For these reasons, these two scenes are the most significant scenes in the book.

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It is important that Harley and Carl leave because everything happens in Wiseman’s Cove everything that is good and bad. For example: “He wanted you to have the first slice, Insisted. ” And “Your brother ripped it out, tearing Liam’s ear very badly in the process. ” Pg. 85. If they didn’t leave, the book would not have proceeded. Carl and Harley have been abandoned by their mother and sister and have been sent to Aunt Beryl’s to be taken care of.

But they soon realized that Kerry and Sarah wouldn’t come back. They slowly learn to behave and work, they also learn to get along with people around them. I learnt that even if your mother or guardian has gone and has not come back for a long time, you should behave until they come back so that you won’t cause trouble to people who care for you. It is important that Joy and Carl went to the Missing Persons Bureau because it was then did they find out that Carl and Harley’s mother had died by an unfortunate bus accident.

For example: “The face was severely bruised and swollen. He doubted that anyone who hadn’t known her recently would have recognized her. How did this one die? ” he asked softly. Pg. 89. Carl finds out that Kerry (his mother has died), he couldn’t cry out nor did he know what to do. Throughout the book, it has been about Carl and how his mother went missing. This scene explains how and why his mother disappears without contacting them until they find out that she is dead. Carl learnt that his mother wanted to come back to them; she just didn’t get the chance to.

I learnt that even though the most important person in your life has disappeared, you could still live on your life and do what is right to help your family by caring for them or look for a job to buy food. In conclusion, the two scenes are most significant because they allow the book to proceed and because it explains why and what happened in the beginning of the book (Prelude). “ The driver gunned the engine, commanding its throaty roar and the bus pulled away from the road-house into the sea of darkness. ONLY then did the women sit up and permit herself a smile.

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