Writing essays on careers is a very popular assignment that helps students to share their thoughts on the choice of their future profession. There are a lot of types of careers and sometimes it is difficult to choose the one that would bring you good money, enjoyment, and professional growth. Therefore, when professors ask students to create an essay about their future career, they want to help them analyze their abilities and skills, and choose the career that will be not only enjoyable for them, but also profitable. If you don’t have enough time or desire to write your essay yourself, then we recommend you to use our service, where you will find many professional writers who will gladly write your essay or dissertation introduction.

  • Career of my dream. Never give up on a profession, which, as you might think, is not serious. There are many people who wish they were engaged in some creative career, but instead they continue to go to their office job. People who are doing things they love, get much more money than their counterparts who have «prestigious jobs». If there is something that you really like, you will definitely be able to achieve success in this field.
  • Modern professions. When writing short essays about career try to focus on a profession that is currently relevant. You can analyze statistics of required workers and highly-paid jobs. Also you can write about the professions that were popular once, but now they are not in demand anymore.
  • Parents’ influence on the career choice. Leave dreams of your parents to them. For some reason a lot of adults are trying to implement in children their failed dreams and wishes. In this topic you can make a full case study analysis about how children can make their own decisions, and they no longer want to become astronauts or lawyers, and instead dream of being interpreters or IT specialists. You can specify that it is still useful to listen to parents’ advice, but still it is better to make your own choices.
  • Confidence and strength in choosing the career. When writing short essays on career, you can accentuate the attention on the aspect that people have to be confident in making their choices. Most often, the words «help me to choose a profession» can be heard from insecure people. Sometimes, it is indeed difficult to make the right choice, especially if a lot of obstacles should be overcome in order to get the desired career. Find the strength and make a step towards the profession that you really love.
  • Reflection of your interests in a future profession. Figure out what you really like to do. If you dream of becoming an actor, then you probably love to perform on the stage at the theater and be filmed in various videos. But you also need to remember that actors constantly have to learn tons of words by heart. If you very sociable and like communicating with people, then you might consider having a career in journalism.
  • Follow your own path in the choice of career. In this topic you can say that it is not necessary to learn a profession just because your idol or good friend does it. It is their choice and they really like to do it, and your soul may crave something different. Listen to your own wishes and choose the career that will bring you a lot of enjoyment. If you want to write your essay in the format of turabian paper you should know how to correctly make the introduction notes and bibliography. If you are not aware of the specifics of the turabian style, use our service, where you will find real professionals who will do your project for you.
  • Influence of your health on the choice of your future career. This topic of your essay on careers should cover the facts about how health can influence the future profession. It really is important. For example, you can’t decide what profession to choose if you do not know your own body. You are unlikely to be able to work as a cook, if you have some infectious disease, and you definitely should not be involved in the chemical industry, if you have serious allergies.

When writing an essay it is also important to consider the following:

  • Introduction and conclusion parts of your essay or cse paper should focus on the issue itself (in the introduction, you accentuate the issue, and in the conclusion, you summarize your own opinion).
  • You should allocate the paragraphs, red lines, and establish the logical connection of paragraphs in order to reach the integrity of the work.
  • The style of your essay on career should be emotional, expressive, and artistic. Experts believe that the proper effect can be achieved with short, simple, and varied in tone sentences. The skillful use of the «most modern» punctuation mark – a dash – is also advisable. However, remember that the style reflects the personality characteristics.

Moments to Be Aware of when Writing Essays:

  • Choose a particular topic for your essay. The project devoted to the analysis of a wide range of issues, by definition, can’t be made in the genre of the essay.
  • Express your personal experiences and views on a specific issue or problem and certainly do not try to be decisive and exhaustive in the treatment of the subject.
  • As a rule, essays suggest a new, subjectively colored statement about anything. It can be made in a philosophical, historical, biographical, journalistic, literary criticism, popular science or purely fictional character.
  • In the content of essays the author’s identity is evaluated first – their views, thoughts, and feelings.

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