3, 2, 1, I Think I’m Ready For More by This Is Henry
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Dec 18th, 2019

3, 2, 1, I Think I’m Ready For More by This Is Henry

I recently, out of boredom and as a favor to a friend, attended a local show; completely unexpected, I was truly thrilled with every penny and second spent on the occasion. While most bands that preformed that night were the usually sloppily thrown together group people often see at theses events, one band stood out above all the others with not only extraordinary musical talent but also a truly exciting performance.

Born and raised in Georgia, This is Henry is one of the best bands the south has produced. Their music is the perfect blend of well written lyrics, catchy beats, and interesting composition. Their song type ranges from up beat songs like ‘Trust is My Game’ to acoustic pieces like ‘Winter Weekends.’ Their melodies are well composed and more than friendly to the ear and, with intro’s like the one found in ‘We are Forever’, their music is absolutely breathtaking.

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3, 2, 1, I Think I’m Ready For More by This Is Henry
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While their music alone is enough to bring me out to every show, their concert is an experience entirely of its own. They don’t simply make music, they perform it. Stage left, the energetic and adorable guitarist is impossible to ignore. He’s called Branden Hubler and is my personal favorite. His excitement is no less than palpable as he makes it impossible for the crowd to enjoy their music any less than he does performing it. Center stage is Brandon Barker, the tall, charming, and striking lead vocalist. If you pay any amount of attention, it’s practically impossible to not fall in love with either his looks, his voice, or some strange combination of both. Last, but most certainly not least, and a little to the back is Jacob Causey, the ambrosial drummer. He pulls the band together with his well played drumming and excellent back up vocals. It is truly unrealistic to claim that any member of This Is Henry is not blessed with both talent and good looks.

While I really couldn’t find much to complain about musically, for their lyrics are easily related too by any person who is, ever has been, or ever will be in love or party in any way shape or form, their following is my biggest annoyance. I could say that at least one half of their fans are female and the vast majority of them couldn’t quote or even title a song to save their life; many of them simply come to drool over Barker. No matter where you look there is at least one girl dressed like she’s just come from swimming and thinking she owns the world and, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up standing next to the girl at least one of their songs was written about. Then again, if you have any ear for music at all, it’s extremely difficult to pay attention to anything but their music.

Ignoring the fan to stalker ratio of their following, This Is Henry truly is an unobjectionable band. Their music is the soundtrack of every teen aged life and their performance is one to remember. Stick around for a while after the show and the chances that you will get to meet the members is great and the chances that you will be pleased with their personalities are even greater. This Is Henry is a full package band. They’re worth your money, they’re worth your time, and they’re one that I strongly suggest to any and everyone.

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