2019_1_b Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

2019_1_b Essay

TAM2601 /201/1/201 9 Tutorial L etter 2 0 1 /1 /201 9 THE TEACHER AS CLASSROOM MANAGER Semester 1 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please record on myUnisa , activate your myLife email discourse and shape stanch that you own constituteal approximation to the myUnisa module web condition , MODULE CODE – 2019 -S1& S2 , as courteous as your arrangeify web condition . BARCODE TAM26012 CONTENTS Page No 1 PURPOSE OF THIS TUTORIAL LETTER ………………………….. ………………………….. ………………. 3 2 GENERAL OBSE RVATIONS ON ASSIGNMENTS ………………………….. ………………………….. …… 3 3 ASSIGNMENT 01 ………………………….. ………………………….. ………………………….. ……………………. 3 4 ASSIGNMENT 02 ………………………….. ………………………….. ………………………….. ……………………. 7 5 EXAMINATION ………………………….. ………………………….. ………………………….. ……………………… 10 6 CONCLUSION ………………………….. ………………………….. ………………………….. ………………………. 11TAM2601 /201 3 1. PURPOSE OF THIS TUTORIAL LETTER Dear Student The view of this Tutorial Letter is to get you after a ageliness feedback on the ordinances and counsel for your ordealimony.

2. GENERAL OBSE R VATIONS ON ASSIGNM ENTS You had to adequate Ordinance 01 and Ordinance 02 to gain your year note. Short memoranda for Ordinance 01 and Ordinance 02 thrive hereunder, in which basic required cognizance is implied. This is proportioned a pilotline concerning to the calculateerparts. F or Ordinance 01, liberal notes were awarded where you sift-canvassed concepts in your own articulation, exclude where it was inrelative incorrectly or in the predicament of definitions.

In the similar way, notes were deducted where you quoted the con-over pilot / prescribed quantity verbatim, past plagiarism is not known at Unisa. Therefore, the calculateerparts that are getd in the memoranda, own been smitten verbatim from the con-over pilot / prescribed quantity. To semblance instruction, you had to get them in your own articulation, after a agelinessout compromising the ir purport. This allure besides be anticipateed from you, when correspondent ordealimony doubts. Shape stanch that you realize the prescribed quantity: Coetzee, S.A., Van Niekerk, E.J., Wydeman, J.L. & Mokoena, S.P. (2019). The tutor as a arrangeroom superintendent. Pretoria: Van Schaik. (ISBN 9780627 -037030). It is almost unusable to calculateersunder the doubts after a agelinessout using this textbook. 3. ASSIGNMENT 01 1.1 THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION: UNDERSTANDING AND ENGAGING TODAY’S LEARNERS 1.1.1 Describe a Millennial beginner in one senten ce Millennial beginner : it is the leading ubiquitous cohort of beginners exorbitant on, and confirmed as, experts in the most-violent, fastest, coolest, principal, newest electronic technologies on the sketchet. (1) 1.1.2 Mention and discu ss two arrangeifys of winning beginners who are Millennial Generations Connect after a ageliness resigned (1) and its argument (1) Connect beginners after a ageliness each other (1) and its argument (1 note for mentioning a arrangeify of winning beginners and 1 note for argument = 2 (2×2=4) 1.2 SELF -MANAGEMENT FOR THE EDUCATOR (1)4 1.2.1 Mention six ways in which tutors can dispense after a ageliness imbitter in a circumstantial way. Becoming conscious of, and acknowledging their imbitter Choosing to quietus and excellent a circumstantial way of dispenseing after a ageliness their imbitter Determining whether their imbitter is after a whilehold or inwithhold Accepting that they over can conduct their thinking, emotions a nd behaviour Consulting their record of calming deliberations Handling the top in a over after a whilehold way. (1 noteed each (1×6=6) 1.3 Mention any impure arrangeroom conductment vestibulees and their designations. APPROACH DESCRIP TION Assertive vestibule The tutor knows the way and the beginners demands bearing Business academic vestibule If the beginners are liberaly chosen in purportful lore activities, they are close relishly to lapse into disruptive behaviour Behavioural modif ication vestibule Good behaviour is rewarded, and bad behaviour punished in an endeavor to alter beginners’ behaviour according to sportive trutipeople Classify superintendential vestibule By retaining a investigateness of fealty to the arrangeify unmoulded beginners, tutors can closeen the advent of disruptive behaviour. Classify bearing vestibule Unsportive behaviour of sundericular beginners is seen as manifestations of a malfunctioning arrangeify, a gist that is solved by counselling the healthy arrangeify. Repartee vestibule This a pproach is domiciled on the reliance that a leaner’s misobservation is repeatedly cry for repartee. Good-fortune vestibule Good-fortune is one of the basic demands of a anthropological substance and plays a big role in enunciateing a actual stubborn -concept. The tutor should hence through happy arrangeroom conductment optimise the opportunities for each beginner to experiment good-fortune. (1 note for arrangeroom conductment vestibule and 1 note for the desigpeople = 2 (2×4=8)TAM2601 /201 5 1.4 Describe impure copys of doer involvement Copy 1: Protectiv e copy: The intent of this copy is to contract force betwixt doers and tutors, chiefly by separating their functions, there -by compensating the initiate from doeral suspension. The copy assumes that doers commission the advice of their manifestation to the initiate and that the initiate is then responsible. There is scanty doeral involvement and no composition exists for regulative gist solving. Copy 2: initiate “to -home transition. In this copy the initiate enrecord the doers in supported the obje ctive of the initiate. Although doers are not similar sunderners, they are deemed to swear the initiate’s anticipateations. Copy 3: In the curriculum rectifyment copy the intent is to avail the initiate’s curriculum by incorporating the contributions of the chi ldren’s families. The boldness is that tutors and doers should product concurrently to enhance curriculum objectives and resigned. Relationships are domiciled on confidence and honor. Copy 4: The intent of the doer -tutor co-operation copy is for doers and tutors to product concurrently to terminate good-fortune for all the beginners. The boldness is that a despicable mission requires collaboration betwixt doers and tutors. This is a gentleman co-operation domiciled on warrant shared unmoulded colleagues (so -determined collegial ity) (1 note each x4=4) 1.5 Three basic commencement names (Kruger & Van Schalkwyk 1997: 20 -21) namely: Automatic, Democratic or Participative and Laissez -faire commencement name. 1.5.1 Describe each commencement name Autocratic lea dership name: It is tutor centred and competition by beginners is poor to recordening, producting, lore and performing. The tutor is not persons oriented and hence the arrangeroom atmosphere is repeatedly impersonal and calm. The tutor obtain?}s the decis ions, controls activities and draws up arrangeroom rules and procedures One -way notice is the arrangeify of the day and punishment is tough Personal enlargement, creativity and union unmoulded beginners are hampered, ageliness beginners may realize a indirect att itude towards the material owing of this commencement name Participative commencement name: It permits beginner interaction and competition in lore activities The tutor celebrates a neutralize betwixt the performance and persons orientation, substance kindly and vestibuleable6 Learners obtain?} sunder in resolution making and enhancement of the arrangeroom device, and beginners own a say in arrangeroom activities Initiative and creativity is permitd, and beginners hold remembrance and opinion. The arrangeroom atmosphe re is relaxed and fertile, ageliness punishment is investigate The laissez -faire commencement name The tutor trash in the contrast and does not yield stanch bearing to arrangeroom activities Learners heave on in their own way, and there is very scanty evidenc e of fertile product The head is really a head who has after a agelinessdrawn from his/her commencement function and allure singly pass in most-violent mode (2 notes per commencement name x3=6) 1.5.2 Briefly inform, how would you tool each leade rship name in your arrangeroom top as the arrangeroom superintendent Any illustration for toolation of each commencement name, that would help a arrangeroom superintendent. (2 notes per illustration x3=6) 1.6 Mention and sift-canvass three ph ases for a actual arrangeroom atmosphere The state exhibition: The rendezvous is regulative The tutor gratuity at minimising useless separation by having a diligent neutralize of hues, responsibilities, rules and routines The agendas specialty the su ccess in tooling arrangeroom conductment sketch The agenda allure besides set the daily atmosphere for the academic enlargement of the beginners At this station, beginners are psychologically and enunciatementally free for the tutor to eliminate how the arrange is deemed to product The alliance exhibition Learners naturally, and orderally, ordeal boundaries, routines and rules It is great that the tutor remain to inform, permit and celebrate what was established One cannot anticipate all to be pretty proportioned owing there is a set of published rules The glutinous exhibition This exhibition is characterised by stanch mental ties after a ageliness the arrange and a actual producting cognizance of the arrange and its sundericular dynamicsTAM2601 /201 7 Learners are now commodious after a ageliness the tutor and own enunciatee d a meastanch of confidence in the tutor During glutinous exhibition, cooperative lore, arrangeroom meetings and compatriot -training are the order (1 for mentioning a exhibition for a actual arrangeroom atmosphere and 1 note for sift-canvass of each (2×3=6) 1.7 Howar d Gardener (Mandel 2003: 47) proposes a speculation of mind that suggests that we own multiple minds. 1.7.1 Record seven multiple minds Linguistic Logical -mathematical Spatial visual Organization – kinaesthetic Musical Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturarecord Existential (1×7=7) 1.8 Briefly inconstitute the performance of a record tutor A pristine performance of all tutors is function for a record arrange. To rectify cl assroom conductment by changing or adjusting the record arrange activities. How do these activities own an collision on other informing responsibilities. (1×2=2) 4. ASSIGNMENT 02 ‚· For a Gentleman declaration, note 1 ‚· For a False declaration note 2 Indicate whether the thriveing declarations are TRUE or FALSE 1. One of the characteristics of the millennial breed is that they are technologically unscholarly and cannot report to and acunderstanding the flexibility of an online informing environment. Answer: False See page: Page 18 2. The lore names of millennial breed enclose technology, composition, teamproduct and tentative activities. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 3 3. Emotional mind is qualitative to l eadership, owing commencement entails influencing persons, and all tutors are the heads on the beginners in their arrangees. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 8 4. The tutor as a head exterts an bias on the environment in which l eadership is getd by creating the best practicable conditions for beginner luck. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 7 5. An tutor is not known to join the desire verbally and in written constitute to the arrange in a open, constituteal, inrelative and convincing way. Answer: False See page: Page 23 6. Business academic vestibule happens when the tutor knows the way and the beginners demand bearing. Answer: False See page: Page 17 7. Acce ptance vestibule is domiciled on the reliance that a beginner’s misobservation is repeatedly a cry for repartee Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 17 8. Social scheme encloses the values, reliances, schemes and orders that are bulky in the arrangeroom. Answer: False See page: Page 33 9. Milieu is that sunder of the arrangeroom that can be picturesquely as the contact of the arrange. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 33TAM2601 /201 9 10. Classroom properties involves performance composition, arrangeroom intent and arrangeroom competition compositions. Answer: False See page: Page 34 11. Encoding initiates the course by encoding a deliberation to educe a notice. Answer: False See page: Page 41 12. Decoding is the retranslating of a ingredient’s joind messa ge by the holdr. The holdr’s decoding is unsupposable by his/her skills, cognizance and sociocultural position, as is the predicament after a ageliness encoding by the ingredient. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 41 13. Separateness allows each to enunciate his / her uniqueness, creativity and sundericularity. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 42 14. Multicultural connections can be picturesquely as spectacle after a ageliness the eyes of another. This results in the beginner contact implied. Answer: False See page: Page 43 15. Stubborn -image is the effect that beginners own of themselves. Answer: False See page: Page 43 16. Stubborn -esteem is the contact that beginners experiment from their stubborn -image and stubborn -concept. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 43 17. Con structivist speculation views the lore and informing course dissimilar from the way in which it is viewed by the unwritten advice scheme. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 5510 18. Cooperative lore can be defined as a team vestibule to le arning where each constituent of the arrangeify is relative on the other constituents to terminate a feature lore performance or ordinance. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 57 19. Impure pristine barriers to doeral involvement encloses age, precariousness, cultural barriers and closing of a supportive environment. Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 81 20. Currently, a new counsel scheme that is substance tooled in initiates in South Africa, is determined the South African Sc hool Government and Superintendence Scheme (SA – SAMS). Answer: Gentleman See page: Page 89 TOTAL: [20] 5. EXAMINATION Bearing to the ordealimony Con-over the exception on bearing to the ordealimony and the sub -minimum modification in Tutorial Letter 10 1 repeatedly. Con-over the Con-over @ Unisa tract for counsel on the government of the ordealimony. You had to surrender twain Assignments 01 and 02 for this module. Together, these ordinances calculate 20% towards your latest note for this module. Submitting Assi gnment 01 qualifies you for bearing to the ordealimony. Failure to surrender Ordinance 02 would not bias ordealimony bearing. However, it contributes towards your latest note. Demarcation of the province of con-over NB: The College took a resolution that lecturers are not deemed to demarcate or yield the design for ordealimony views to students. Examinations should be domiciled on the complete organization of product envelope the poetical hours of the modules. Lecturers should permit students to gather anything. Wh ere other competencies or skills are assessed dissimilar during the education age, the multitudinous assessments allure be spelt out openly by the lecturer in Tutorial Letter 201. According to Assessment Procedure Manual 2013, object estimate 4.5.2 (e), the exami people memoranda (guidelines, rubrics etc.) shall not be made available to students. You hence, demand to con-over your textbook, Tutorial Letter 102, 201 and all the ordinances in Tutorial Letter 101 for ordealimony. You are advised to product rigorous as you allure be assessed in specialty. You demand to rendezvous, in sundericular, on all the topics where your ordinances were domiciled.TAM2601 /201 11 For illustration, if a multiple -choice doubt asked environing a ingredient, instrument and feedback as concepts that are reportd to notice, you own t o decipher the healthy exception of the notice course and recognize all the concepts of that course. Testimony pilotlines You allure transcribe a two -hour pamphlet that calculates 100 Marks. All doubts are warranted. So, you are advised to con-over everythi ng as implied overhead and concession trifle out. 6. CONCLU SION Enrich you for the rigorous product on Assignments 01 and 02. We confidence that you own gathert a lot from them. We would besides relish to enrich you for your co -operation during the semester in making-ready for y our informing line . Best wishes for your ordealimony making-readys! Your Lecturers Mrs I. E. Mojapelo Dr L.L. Toolo

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