1989 by Tayor Swift
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Dec 18th, 2019

1989 by Tayor Swift

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album released on October 27. At first, many of her fans were hesitant to listen to the album because it was completely different from all her other music. I didn’t want to listen to any song on the album because I was boycotting the change. Finally one day I caved and listened to the entire album in one sitting. I fell in love and now listen to it every day. The album, although is extremely different, is also very refreshing. The songs, like her old ones, tell stories that anyone can relate to.
Her songs all have an intriguing story that all can listen to and relate it to their life at the moment. My favorite songs are “Welcome To New York”, “Blank Space”, “Style”, “Wildest Dreams”, and “Clean”. The first song on the album is “Welcome to New York”. This song talks about the magical world you step into when you’re in New York.

She mentions how it is a state of innovation. This song was written when she found her true identity after she moved to New York and was able to reinvent herself to what she wanted. Her lyrics touch upon the uncertainty of New York and the different life there is there. Even if you never feel this when going to New York, you can relate this to any experience you have; you’re welcoming yourself into a brand new world that can be uncertain but can overall change you as a person.
The next song is “Blank Space”, which is my favorite song on the album. This song talks about her view on relationships; everyone starts with a blank space and then at one point someone will fill it. There are always two ending outcomes, either you two end up together or you don’t. Taylor Swift has been criticized about her relationships so this is her moment to tell them what her feelings are about them. As the song progresses, it talks about the heartbreak that you feel after the relationship. In the end, there is a new blank space. This song goes full circle and is so widely liked because it’s a song that touches on hope. Everyone has a fresh start, or a “blank space”, after a relationship so this song is relatable in all aspects.
Next on the album is “Stye”. This song talks about the relationships that go badly but then the people always end up back together because they can never get over each other. She talks about how when you’re in a relationship, you always find the qualities you like best and when the two break up, all you can remember are their best qualities. This makes it harder to give them up so your relationship never goes “out of style”. This can relate to the entire population because it’s really common to not want to walk away from someone because you can’t let go of what you fell in love with.
“Wildest Dreams” is the ninth song on her album. The song is about what people want to happen when a relationship ends. Relationships are filled with multiple memories and this song talks about how even though you break up, these memories will still follow you. The song mentions how even when you’re broken up with someone, you still want them to think about you, “even if it’s just in [their] wildest dreams.”
“Clean” is my final favorite song. This song is the last one on the album. The song opens up about a drought, which at first can confuse the listener on what the song is truly about. As it progresses, it’s clear on what the song is about. It progresses into a storyline about two people who just broke up and the one who got dumped still has the residue of the relationship all over her.She uses the simile of a wine stained dress because that stain will never fully come out so it is impossible to wear it clean ever again. The chorus then goes into how even when there’s a downpour of emotions, it’s the first time your head is clear and you can finally breathe again. This is the first step in being “clean” from this person. This song is relatable to the public because this song can touch anyone who wants to rid themselves of a bad memory.
Taylor Swift is an artist who understands emotions. She has the talent of writing a song that can relate to a wide variety of people. I would recommend this to anyone who loves music because the beat on each of her songs in this album is different and you’d be surprised at how well you can match a song to your life.

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