1989 by Taylor Swift
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Dec 18th, 2019

1989 by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift recently published her first Pop album 1989, shaking the musicradically. The album, which consisted of thirteen songs, was released on October 27, 2014. However, Taylor premiered the album’s first single, “Shake it Off” on August 18 and had fans already excited for the release of her other songs. She collaborated with Martin, Shellback, Ryan Tedder, and fun’s Jack Antonoff, which made her album her greatest yet. Once the entire album was released, “Blank Space” took hold of the charts and she was the first artist to ever top her own song. Other songs included in the track are “Welcome to New York”, “Style”, “Out of the Woods”, “All You Had to Do Was Stay”, “I Wish You Would”, “Bad Blood”, “Wildest Dreams”, “How You Get the Girl”, “This Love”, “I know Places”, and “Clean”.
I’ve always been a fan of Taylor Swift’s relatable “country” songs and after hearing her single, “Shake it Off”, I was for the next album that would rock the music charts again.

I was so excited that “Shake it Off” became the first song that I purposely memorized all the lyrics too. What also intrigued me was Taylor Swift’s counterarguments to all her haters and “shaking [the rumors] off”. And the biggest reason why the world and I were so excited for this album was because it was her first debut into the pop music industry. Although we recognized that Taylor Swift was going farther away from her country origins, the fact that she acknowledged this shift and made it possibly her best and most successful work ever was legendary.
Rarely do I see such a radical change in taste of any artist. In fact, this is the first artist I’ve ever paid attention to, who has accepted and proudly stepped forward in the music industry. In fact it’s similarly a death sentence to her current fan base. But she proved to the world that she was able to write for multiple audiences. That’s possibly the biggest reason why I’ve paid so much attention to this album, besides the fact that I need more relationship songs to sing my heart out with.
The album itself was a new side of Taylor Swift all together. She titles her album 1989 to signify her birthdate and the date where she finally delves into the world of pop. She officially departs from the country pop that she debuted with.Her entire album is much more electronic than she has ever used before. And although some may criticize that she’s abandoned her origins for the popularity of more pop songs, I find it commendable. While listening to her songs, I felt a transition and journey taking place as Taylor experiments with different types of music. Doesn’t this experimentation define true music? Why are artists only allowed to stick with one genre?
In general, all her songs were remarkable and unique, each with their own relatable story. However the songs that really caught my ears were “Welcome to New York”, “Blank Space”, and “Shake it Off”. “Welcome to New York” fits perfectly with Taylor’s new transition. Recently she moved from Nashville to New York and so in her own style, she welcomes her fan base to a new side that she will show in this album. “Blank Space” makes fun of the image that Taylor has always had towards the world. She appears as the crazy girlfriend after finding out her boyfriend cheats. “Shake it Off” makes a statement to all her haters and makes a position to disregard them and continue doing what she does. Unlike the lyrics of her other albums, Taylor’s lyrics for these three songs are sarcastic yet relatable. In “Blank Space” she says “I’m a night dream dressed as a nightmare”, in “Shake it Off” she repeats shake it off multiple times, “ and in “Welcome to New York” she sings,
“the lights are so bright but they never blind me”. And although some people criticize her for using choruses of repeated verses, I feel her lyrics speak rather than sing to the listener.
Although I wish I could find faults with this album, it really serves as a flawless record. Not only does Taylor move away from her relationship-oriented songs, she find her own voice through her music and we see her transition physically and mentally. There are still many people who refuse to accept the new Taylor Swift. When I first approached the album, I was skeptical because I feared that it would be rather a puzzle of finding out which songs starred which boyfriends than a music album. However, like Taylor says in her interviews, 1989 is a new birth for Taylor as we see her stronger than ever.She accepts that she will lose a fan base but she will also gain a new fan base. Rather than looking at this album with the negativity that Taylor has received thus far, one has to look at it without any bias in order to have the full experience. Because this journey really speaks about a journey, the music is applicable to any age. Already since the release of her album, the album has been in the top albums of 2014 list for multiple magazines. To listen to her songs, you can access it on iTunes.

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