10 Day Placement Assignment Analysis From Snap Social Work Essay
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Dec 2nd, 2019

10 Day Placement Assignment Analysis From Snap Social Work Essay

SNAP is an organisation that was set up in June 2008. It is a collaboration of six organisations – Orcourteous Housing Association, Anglia Custody Trust, Epic Trust, Ipswich Housing Operation Group, Family Operation and Together- Working for Wellbeing. Each employee of Snap is affiliated to one of the ocean organisations and is an employee of solely one of the dissect-amongners. All six organisations tendered, and won the curtail to afford CARA (Central Access & Referral Agency) and non gift orderly housing influence. The collaboration of the agencies determines a heterogeneousness of skills, scholarship and proof.

SNAP is lawful for influence throughout Suffolk away from those in the Waveney area. These referrals ensue through CARA but are then infections to Flagship Housing to afford influence.

SNAP’s primitive present are to nullify wild, to influence crowd to eliminate skills that conciliate arrange rebellious living and to nullify or livelihood an special from personality admitted to institutionalised gift.

The influence SNAP affords may be accessed by anyone balance the age of 16 as hanker as they are choice to accept notorious funds and own demands that are housing kindred.

SNAP influences crowd for a apex of two years, up to three hours a week. The demands and proficiency of the use user are re-examinationed integral 13 weeks. If the use user quiescent requires influence behind two years or is supposed to own ongoing requirements then they are referred to other agencies that conciliate afford this.

Each organisation that is compromised in SNAP, has their own policies and band-arms propositions. The prizes that SNAP own captured as their own are those of reference, uprightness, straightforwardness and reliance. There is no band-arms proposition that applies balanceall, as each employee of SNAP is employed by one of the six agencies, and it is the band-arms proposition of that production that applies to the special employee.

SNAP has six influence planning principles. The primeval of these is that the influence affordd is specialistic. This is a oral collective product prize originally put eager by Biestek (1961). This prize instrument that the producter should recognise and learn each use user’s choice qualities and standing and transfer these into recital at all seasons.

SNAP besides advocates special centred therapy. This path originated from Carl Rogers (Rogers, 1942) and is from the humanistic develop of psychology. This scheme mingles the sort of providing the use user ensueing a while perpetual direct conceive, empathy and ingenuousness as it is these that entalented the use user and arrange their power to product-out their own childrens.

SNAP products in an inter-professional sort. Referrals acceptd by SNAP are from a crowd of agencies due to the heterogeneousness of use users and their demands. SNAP is solely talented to influence those who own enigmaticalies in oceantaining a tenancy and integralthing that does not drop ensueing a whilein this forconcede requires SNAP to signalpost the use users to other agencies. Furthermore, the influence affordd may mingle SNAP liaising ensueing a while other agencies that may be appliceffectual in the use user’s personality.

All SNAPs intercessions are Job centred (Reid & Shyne 1969). SNAPs influence is classed as inextensive classify smooth though it can remain for up to two years. Job centred path to intercession is usually executed on a considereffectual inextensiveer classify reason, usually six weeks. SNAP and the use user twain conframe their roles and responsibilities during the influence; this is in the frame of a muniment that bring-abouts open to the use user and the influence producter, what each conciliate do during the influence. This is signaled by twain at the onset of influence. This is in direction ensueing a while the job centred path and bring-abouts open what enigmaticalies demand to be addressed and eachs’ role in doing this. As all of SNAPs use users are experiencing tenors ensueing a while conceive to housing, this tenor solving path is twain trained and applicable. At each 13 week re-examination, SNAP determines that proficiency is personality made and the use users’ demands are reassessed. Some of the referrals that are made to SNAP, mingle use users in a opportunity standing, in-particular if threatening dispossession is slight. The job centred path is homogeneous to opportunity intercession (Caplan & Lindemann -Kanel, 2003, p.14) although opportunity intercession has a over psycho-dynamic path, promoting psychical enlargement as opposed to job centred scheme, which is over orderly on the learning that a opportunity affords the motivation to act. Twain opportunity intercession and job centred pathes mingle tenor solving.

SNAP treats its use user in a non criticmental sort. This is one of Biesteks (1961) oral collective product prizes requiring that the producter does not critic and neither authorize or disauthorize of the use user. During my shadowing this has been the predicament.

Due to the naturalness of SNAPs intercession, personality inextensive classify housing influence, it is enigmatical to set up committees or hanker classify client groups that own an input into the organisation and how it is run and the advenient eliminatement. However, SNAP do frequently transmit out questionnaires to use users in classify to determine whether the use they own acceptd has been beneficial and whether the use users’ standing has ameliorated. It has besides been suggested that a ‘Mystery Shopper’ character drill be undercaptured in classify to determine that use users are receiving the best use feasible at the sharp-end of contiguity.

At each re-examination, the client is asked whether they own been felicitous ensueing a while the use they own acceptd from SNAP. They are asked whether their standing has ameliorated, not ameliorated or worsened gone influence agoing. They are besides asked if they own any suggestions as to whether SNAP could ameliorate their use or whether there is integralthing that they move they could do that they are not already doing. It has been firm that as dissect-among-among of my Observational importation job of effort an conference ensueing a while a use user, I conciliate use this dissect-among-among of the re-examination as questions for my importation conference. On an operational smooth, SNAP is perfectly user led, due to its job centred path.

As each client is re-examinationed on a customary reason, there are opportunities throughout the intercession for use users to be talented to concede feedback at varying sharp-ends through SNAPs minglement. It is enigmatical to concede use users a strategic role in the organisational eliminatement due to the inextensive classify naturalness of the intercession.

Whilst shadowing ensueing a while the influence producters, I saw frequent examples of cheerful usage. Each influence producter that I shadowed ensueing a while was empathetic and answered to institute cheerful relationships ensueing a while the use users they were assigned to. They answered to be non criticmental (Biestek), traffic ensueing a while sex offenders and expressing a smooth of compassion for their inpower to reinstitute their lives subjoined a belief. There answers to be lofty smooths of severity towards the over vulnertalented referrals. The benefits production itself made frequent use users move diluted and this was current by the influence producters who then determined the production on interest of the use users. This was anti- grinding and picturesque this prize to me very openly.

Another area that I conciliate demonstrate as cheerful usage, were the recording of intercessions, and contiguity made ensueing a while twain the use user and others who were alike to them. Each influence producter that I shadowed answered to bring-about an note on the computer order behind integral telephone seduce made and missive sent as courteous as behind integral scrutinize. It would answer that this was executed; ensuring notice conceiveing each intercession was up to age and consummate. This complies ensueing a while Section 6.1 of the Codes of Ethics that states that:

‘As a collective custody producter, you must be recitaltalented for the sort of your product and transfer dissect for oceantaining and fit your scholarship and skills by oceantaining open and servile registers as required by procedures orderly for your product;’

Whilst shadowing LC, we institute that a use user was going to bring-about a peradventure delusive Housing Benefit Claim. Once the use user told LH of their project, LH advised that this would be delusive and told the use user that she should not be doing this. The use user customary that she was going to and so LH customary that they would be untalented to influence the use user if this was the direction of operation that they contrived to transfer. The use user firm to ensue LC’s teaching. This showed straightforwardness and uprightness on the dissect-among-among of LC, in correspondence to Section 2 of the Collective Product Codes of Usage as courteous as SNAPs own specialal prizes of uprightness and straightforwardness.

After personality in the duty ensueing a while multitudinous influence producters, it was presumable that at seasons there were not plenty desks and computer classifyinals for all those in the duty to be talented to use. Although this did not occur all the season, it did occur frequently. It may be an subject to peradventure endow in some over. Furthermore, frequently, not all the season, but frequently, it was not feasible to signalal into the untrammelled order due to the apex equality of users personality logged on to the computers. I own never seen this IT children anteriorly and it struck me as personality uncommon. I was advised that over licenses own been purchased so the tenor is not as huge as it was in the spent. Although addressing this children would distinctly remit any delays in using the IT, making Snap over efficient and operative, it may not be plenty of an children to justify the economic endowment that would be compromised.

It could be said that as SNAP is a proportionately new audience, and ensueing a while the other orderly organisations bringing a opulence of scholarship and proof to the board, SNAP is courteous attributed to cherry eliminate the best usage from each.

SNAP answers to be an efficiently run organisation. The staff answer to be scholarshiptalented and own the best interests of the client in purpose. There are openly defined orders in attribute at each smooth of intercession, including the recording of notice.

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