10 Day Placement Assignment Analysis From Snap Social Work Essay
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Social Work
Jan 9th, 2020

10 Day Placement Assignment Analysis From Snap Social Work Essay

SNAP is an organisation that was set up in June 2008. It is a collaboration of six organisations – Orwell-behaved Housing Association, Anglia Regard Trust, Epic Trust, Ipswich Housing Resuscitation Group, Family Resuscitation and Together- Working for Wellbeing. Each employee of Snap is affiliated to one of the ocean organisations and is an employee of simply one of the divorceners. All six organisations tendered, and won the admit to yield CARA (Central Access & Referral Agency) and non assets orderly housing subsistence. The collaboration of the agencies determines a variation of skills, discerning and familiarity. SNAP is imperative for subsistence throughout Suffolk secretly from those in the Waveney area. These referrals succeed through CARA but are then transmitted to Flagship Housing to yield subsistence.

SNAP’s primitive gift are to forefend wild, to subsistence inhabitants to amplify skills that accomplish prepare refractory co-operate-withance and to forefend or co-operate-delay an specific from substance admitted to institutionalised assets.

The subsistence SNAP yields may be accessed by anyone aggravate the age of 16 as desire as they are worthy to siege generally-known funds and own wants that are housing cognate.

SNAP subsistences inhabitants for a utmost of two years, up to three hours a week. The wants and way of the benefit user are revisaled perfect 13 weeks. If the benefit user stationary requires subsistence forthcoming two years or is reputed to own ongoing requirements then they are referred to other agencies that accomplish yield this.

Each organisation that is confused in SNAP, has their own policies and sidearm propositions. The esteems that SNAP own smitten as their own are those of deference, honor, virtue and charge. There is no sidearm proposition that applies aggravateall, as each employee of SNAP is filled by one of the six agencies, and it is the sidearm proposition of that performance that applies to the specific employee.

SNAP has six subsistence planning principles. The original of these is that the subsistence yieldd is specificistic. This is a unwritten political exertion esteem originally put obtrusive by Biestek (1961). This esteem media that the exertioner should recognise and discern each benefit user’s matchless qualities and predicament and siege these into statement at all occasions.

SNAP as-well-behaved advocates special centred therapy. This arrival originated from Carl Rogers (Rogers, 1942) and is from the humanistic develop of psychology. This scheme implicates the deportment of providing the benefit user delay perpetual express conceive, empathy and artlessness as it is these that qualify the benefit user and prepare their ability to production-out their own outcomes.

SNAP exertions in an inter-professional deportment. Referrals sieged by SNAP are from a swarm of agencies due to the variation of benefit users and their wants. SNAP is simply telling to subsistence those who own implicatedies in oceantaining a tenancy and integralthing that does not gravitate delayin this foryield requires SNAP to premonitionpost the benefit users to other agencies. Furthermore, the subsistence yieldd may implicate SNAP liaising delay other agencies that may be appliceffectual in the benefit user’s condition.

All SNAPs insinuations are Job centred (Reid & Shyne 1969). SNAPs subsistence is classed as incomprehensive tidings uniframe though it can hold for up to two years. Job centred arrival to insinuation is usually manufactured on a vastly incomprehensiveer tidings groundation, usually six weeks. SNAP and the benefit user twain admit their roles and responsibilities during the subsistence; this is in the frame of a muniment that gains conspicuous to the benefit user and the subsistence exertioner, what each accomplish do during the subsistence. This is verified by twain at the onset of subsistence. This is in length delay the job centred arrival and gains conspicuous what implicatedies want to be addressed and eachs’ role in doing this. As all of SNAPs benefit users are experiencing quantitys delay conceive to housing, this quantity solving arrival is twain skilled and applicable. At each 13 week revisal, SNAP determines that way is substance made and the benefit users’ wants are reassessed. Some of the referrals that are made to SNAP, implicate benefit users in a occasion predicament, specially if threatening eviction is likely. The job centred arrival is homogeneous to occasion insinuation (Caplan & Lindemann -Kanel, 2003, p.14) although occasion insinuation has a further psycho-dynamic arrival, promoting psychical enlargement as irrelative to job centred scheme, which is further orderly on the discerning that a occasion yields the motivation to act. Twain occasion insinuation and job centred arrivales implicate quantity solving.

SNAP treats its benefit user in a non magistratemental deportment. This is one of Biesteks (1961) unwritten political exertion esteems requiring that the exertioner does not magistrate and neither promote or dispromote of the benefit user. During my shadowing this has been the predicament.

Due to the structure of SNAPs insinuation, substance incomprehensive tidings housing subsistence, it is implicated to set up committees or desire tidings client groups that own an input into the organisation and how it is run and the coming amplifyment. However, SNAP do frequently transmit out questionnaires to benefit users in manage to discover whether the benefit they own sieged has been employmenteffectual and whether the benefit users’ predicament has rectifyd. It has as-well-behaved been suggested that a ‘Mystery Shopper’ kind drill be undersmitten in manage to determine that benefit users are receiving the best benefit potential at the summit of touch.

At each revisal, the client is asked whether they own been fortunate delay the benefit they own sieged from SNAP. They are asked whether their predicament has rectifyd, not rectifyd or worsened gone-by subsistence launched. They are as-well-behaved asked if they own any suggestions as to whether SNAP could rectify their benefit or whether there is integralthing that they affect they could do that they are not already doing. It has been resolute that as divorce of my Observational importation job of effort an colloquy delay a benefit user, I accomplish use this divorce of the revisal as questions for my importation colloquy. On an operational plane, SNAP is truly user led, due to its job centred arrival.

As each client is revisaled on a methodic groundation, there are opportunities throughout the insinuation for benefit users to be telling to yield feedback at varying summits through SNAPs implicatement. It is implicated to yield benefit users a strategic role in the organisational amplifyment due to the incomprehensive tidings structure of the insinuation.

Whilst shadowing delay the subsistence exertioners, I saw manifold examples of cheerful-natured-natured resuscitation. Each subsistence exertioner that I shadowed delay was empathetic and answered to ground cheerful-natured-natured relationships delay the benefit users they were asverified to. They answered to be non magistratemental (Biestek), traffic delay sex offenders and expressing a plane of condolence for their poverty to reground their lives forthcoming a assurance. There answers to be lofty planes of cruelty towards the further vulnertelling referrals. The benefits performance itself made manifold benefit users affect inadhesive and this was acknowledged by the subsistence exertioners who then named the performance on interest of the benefit users. This was anti- grinding and artistic this esteem to me very conspicuously.

Another area that I accomplish identify as cheerful-natured-natured resuscitation, were the recording of insinuations, and touch made delay twain the benefit user and others who were conjoined to them. Each subsistence exertioner that I shadowed answered to gain an entrance on the computer classification forthcoming perfect telephone flatter made and communication sent as polite-behaved-behaved as forthcoming perfect mark. It would answer that this was manufactured; ensuring counsel conceiveing each insinuation was up to end and entire. This complies delay Section 6.1 of the Codes of Ethics that states that:

‘As a political regard exertioner, you must be statementtelling for the tendency of your exertion and siege allegiance for oceantaining and improving your discerning and skills by oceantaining conspicuous and respectful memorials as required by procedures orderly for your exertion;’

Whilst shadowing LC, we ground that a benefit user was going to gain a peradventure fraudulent Housing Benefit Claim. Once the benefit user told LH of their artifice, LH advised that this would be fraudulent and told the benefit user that she should not be doing this. The benefit user methodic that she was going to and so LH methodic that they would be untelling to subsistence the benefit user if this was the line of resuscitation that they calculated to siege. The benefit user resolute to thrive LC’s counsel. This showed virtue and honor on the divorce of LC, in harmony to Section 2 of the Political Exertion Codes of Resuscitation as polite-behaved-behaved as SNAPs own specialal esteems of honor and virtue.

After substance in the service delay diversified subsistence exertioners, it was ostensible that at occasions there were not ample desks and computer tidingsinals for all those in the service to be telling to use. Although this did not occur all the occasion, it did occur frequently. It may be an purpose to peradventure endue in some further. Furthermore, repeatedly, not all the occasion, but frequently, it was not potential to premonition into the unhindered classification due to the utmost sum of users substance logged on to the computers. I own never seen this IT outcome precedently and it struck me as substance rare. I was advised that further licenses own been purchased so the quantity is not as vast as it was in the gone-by. Although addressing this outcome would evidently relieve any delays in using the IT, making Snap further prolific and operative, it may not be ample of an outcome to justify the economic enduement that would be confused.

It could be said that as SNAP is a proportionately new community, and delay the other orderly organisations bringing a opulence of discerning and familiarity to the consideration, SNAP is polite-behaved-behaved fixd to cherry enucleate the best resuscitation from each.

SNAP answers to be an prolificly run organisation. The staff answer to be discerningtelling and own the best interests of the client in opinion. There are conspicuously defined classifications in fix at each plane of insinuation, including the recording of counsel.

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