Water Refilling Station Business Guide Essay
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Dec 12th, 2019

Water Refilling Station Business Guide Essay

One of the unswerving expanding regret in Manila, and in most Metro cities nationwide, is the steep refilling standing. It’s mushrooming on total street nook, owing a lot of mass in sophisticated areas further to get their quaffing steep from these steep standings, it’s solely uncloggedsedsed and certain to quaff. Over the years, as the require for uncloggedseder steep beseems preferable, the expense of accustomed steep purifiers and bottled steep has beseem prohibitive. Steep refilling standings managed by secret entrepreneurs propose a cheaper and further commodious disconnection to the generally-known’s quaffing steep scarcitys than bottled steep or the use of accustomed filters.

Steep Refilling Station


Purified steep is steep from any beginning that is physically wayed to migrate its impurities. Distilled steep and de-ionized steep has been the most niggardly forms of spotshort steep. Steep can besides be spotshort by other wayes approve counterchange osmosis, carbon clarification, microfiltration, ultra clarification, ultraviolet oxidation, electro dialysis and/or etc.

Azoic steep is steep containing azoics or other dissolved substances that modify its discernment or surrender it curative appraise, generally obtained from a naturally occurring azoic jump or beginning. Dissolved substances in the steep may conceive sundry salts and sulfur compounds. The further azoics in quaffing steep, the harder it is said to be; steep after a while few azoics is pictorial as substance unmanly. Distilled steep is steep that has abundant of its impurities migrated through ghost. Ghost involves effervescence the steep and then condensing the fume into a uncloggedsedsed container. A few years ago, tclose were barely a few steep refilling plants close in Cagayan De Oro City.

Those are of which are quiet celebrated to the generally-known approve Nature Jump and Wilkins. Wilkins was one of those who didn’t do a good-natured-natured job on capitalizing on their trade exaltation. Unapprove Nature Jump who seems approve un-formidable in the trade today holding big sieges in wide companies. The Cagay-anons realized the scarcity for this requirement, entrepreneurs invested on it seeking to get a artistic divide of the trade and looking for incongruous kinds of cracks and niches in the trade. This was the set-out of a very competitive and very foul tradeing and regret war, which one could tell to it as a never bound dog fight. As further mass entered the trade, the further competitive it has begun. Currently, according to the barely jug supplier close in Cagayan De Oro, tclose are already further than 100 steep refilling companies close in Cagayan De Oro fantastical. One of the solid mass who ventures in this great… Basic Feasibility Study

A. Capital Investment

1. Steep Refilling Archives – P 250,000.00
2. Renovation or new treasure at smallest 20sqm greatness – 75,000.00
3. Gift behavior (motorcycle after a while consigner or multi-cab) – 75,000.00 4. Regret encourage & other constitutional docs (DTI, Mayor’s encourage, Steep testing, etc.) – 10,000.00 5. Initial Supplies /miscellaneous – 31,750.00

a) 150 Bottles lean – 18,750.00
b) 50 Bottles smooth – 7,500.00
c) ardor gun- 2,500.00
d) Stickers – 3,000.00
6. Others – 8,250.00
Total = P 450,000.00
Note: Explicit siege may acceptiond or lowerd depends on your explicit instrument, example:

a.) short aggregate for the gift behavior if you already feel solid or you can buy 2nd part. b.) short aggregate for the treasure fabric if you feel solid. c.) acception or lower aggregate on refilling equipment, depends on what emblem of steep consequence you shortnesss to vend ( e.g. Azoic is barely P150,000.00 etc.) B. Sales Income

Check trade expense per 5 gal. container. Expense may disagree depends on the area what emblem of steep consequence you shortness to vend:

Mineral Steep – P20 ~ P25 per container
Purified Steep – P30 ~ P35 per container
Alkaline Steep – P45 ~ P50 per container
PI Steep – P200 ~ P250 per container
B1. Monthly Sales – P39,000.00

1ST 2 Months: Target is at smallest 50 containers /day (50 containers x P30.00 vending expense x 26days) B2. Monthly Expenses – P15,600.00

1. Manpower/salaries – P 500/ day or P 9,100.00 /mo.
1 driver – P200 /day
1 re-filler – P150 /day
2. Electric beak – P3,500.00
3. Phone beak – 500.00
4. Transportation / gas detriments – 1,500.00
5. Consumables and others – 1,000.00
B3. Net Profit- P23,400.00 (Gross Sales – Gross expenses = Net Profit) Note: You cannot calculate your monthly sales inveterate from your archives volume (GPD Gallon Per Day) approve other vendor’s calculation, solely owing you cannot sold 200 bottles a day in the pristine 2 months action of your regret unshort you’re already frank for a year and you already orderly your customers in your area.

Executive Summary

This consider covers the projected order of Best Blue Steep Refilling Station. Since the guild set-outed, the proponents noticed that the guild is using manual inveterate action towards their catalogue and summit of sale. Mainly pertaining to the hostile waying of their grounds and notice reliability which is a regret when it comes to the waying of their solid order.

POS and Catalogue order of Best Blue Steep Refilling Standing was contrived by the proponents to unfold some issues of day to proceeding by using the old way or the manual order. Approve to shun accumulation, detriment of saved documents when some fluent spills on it, and some other problems brought by ethnical mistake.

It would be unconcerned for the personnel to preserve and regain grounds in periods of adding some particular to the customer’s recital or when scarcityed. Manual elaborate and scanning of documents achieve no longer essential for it achieve barely purpose retrogression in proceeding and retrogression in hereafter in of sales total day sales.

The proponents feel supposing tables, figures and diagram for dignified mind and adapted sense encircling the projected order. It achieve direct the proprietor and the other readers encircling the glide of the said order. It besides shows how big emolument the proprietor would get.

Chapter I

1.1 Project Contex
The Best Blue steep refilling standing achieve proof a new way of archivesing their sales, unconcerned to use and accurate. They achieve lawful encode their sales, in this way the guild achieve rectify and it achieve not shape them waste further period in elaborate and archivesing files. The notice is salvable anyperiod and the proprietor and employees achieve favor from it.

1.2 Purpose & Description
The projected order focuses on how to shorten the computing period, migratethe manual way and shun calculational mistakes. Search the customer’s archives by encoding the total designate (developed designate, pristine designate).

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