My Future Plans Essay
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Dec 14th, 2019

My Future Plans Essay

As a current senior in high school, I have reached the point where it is time for me to decide what I want to do with my life.  Throughout my four years in high school, I have been intrigued by a variety of different paths such as teaching, marine science, and even journalism.  After growing up a little and taking a better notice of my interests and likings, I have noticed my love for sports, fitness, and health.  My first plan for the future is to graduate from Oakland Mills High School and receive my high school diploma.

 After this I will attend East Carolina University, or ECU, in Greenville, NC. I want to major in exercise science and minor in exercise physiology. My first few years in college I would like to gain experience in the field by obtaining a work-study position that will help me develop new skills in exercise science work such as a student athletic trainer. I would also like to play club lacrosse for ECU during my four years there.

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My Future Plans Essay
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 Either my junior or senior year in college I would like to study abroad in Europe.  I hope to get work-study on campus my freshmen year so I can save up money by the time this comes around.  After four or five years of school I would hope to graduate with a bachelors degree.  After graduation I do not want to settle down right away.   I would either want to volunteer for the peace core abroad for a year in the Middle East or travel on my own, if possible.  After this I would want to move back to Maryland or D.C. so I can be close to my family.  I would like to either get a job in training, therapy, or coaching.  While the future is undecided and unknown, it is a time for changes and new things.  Although I know it will be a long journey I will remain open to all possibilities and be proactive while continuing to asses all of my options.

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