Causes and Effect of Bribery Essay
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Dec 14th, 2019

Causes and Effect of Bribery Essay

Bribery is the act of offering and receiving bribe with the intention of influencing the recipient in some way favorable to the party providing the bribe. The bribe that is offer to the other individual can be in the form of money or gift. Bribery occurs because of poverty and cultural influence and it can result in weakened development of economy. First of all, bribery is widely happen throughout the world because of poverty. Poverty is the state of being very poor and the victims of poverty are in need of money to survive.

Hence, when someone influences them with bribe, they are willing to do anything to obtain it and this leads to bribery. The victims are desperate to gain money and in order to get more money they will have to help the individual that offers the bribe. Therefore, bribery happens because of needs and sometimes due to poverty.

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Besides that, bribery is caused by cultural influence. The culture of some people can influence them into offering and receiving bribe.

For example, parents that frequent involve in bribery can influence their children to be doing the same thing when they have grown up. This could be a usual practice for the young and whenever they encounter problems, they will only think of bribery as the fastest solution. Thus, cultural influence also causes bribery to occur. The effect of bribery weakens the development of economy.

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When the bribery case in a country is serious, the development of the country will be weakened and slow down. This is due to the working ability of the workers has reduced. Every individual is only hoping for a bribe and ignore their proper job. Therefore, the development of economy is slow down because of bribery. In conclusion, bribery is caused by poverty and cultural influence. It affects the development economy of a certain country. Bribery is a criminal act that could bring down the reputation of a country. Steps have to be taken to reduce the case and even prevent it from occurring.

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